Goals and objectives


Clinical, experimental psychological, pathological and psychological, socio-psychological, electrophysiological examination of patients with functional and organic disorders and the creation on this basis of a system of medical and psychosocial rehabilitation, based on resorting to the unclaimed capabilities of the human body, the disclosure of reserve “forces” central nervous system.

Basic Tasks

The study of unknown phenomena of the human body (psyche – conscious and subconscious) processes of higher nervous activity.

Development of new non-pharmacological psychotherapeutic, psychophysical and psychophysiological methods of treatment that allow using the reserves of psychological, physical and psychophysical capabilities of the organism for fighting the most serious pathologies.
The study of the peculiarities of clinical manifestations in patients with functional and organic hearing disorders, significant for their psychosocial rehabilitation.
Identifying the psychological characteristics of patients (attitude towards the disease, personality characteristics, mental processes, etc.).

The study of socio-psychological factors that play a role in the disadaptation of patients and, consequently, affecting the construction of rehabilitation programs (parents’ reactions to hearing disorders, speech disorders, neurotic and somatoform disorders in patients, attitude towards the sick surrounding, including in pedagogical and labor collectives , the attitude of sick children to family members, teachers, doctors, etc.).

Studies of the possibilities of psychotherapy in the rehabilitation treatment of patients with functional and organic disorders, using at the same time clinical, psychological, socio-psychological, audiometric, electrophysiological and other control.

Development of a complex of psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with functional and organic disorders of hearing, speech, incl. autism and autistic circle disorders, neurotic and somatoform (psychotic and nonpsychotic), nonpsychotic mental disorders, including mood disorders, etc.