Dr. Rahmanov is the winner of the international competition “Scientist of 2016”

In April 2017 Professor Vakhif Mammadovich Rakhmanov won the annual open international competition “The Scientist of 2016” in the nomination “Medicine”, which was held in Chicago, USA.

The competition was held in two stages and lasted four months.
At the first stage, the special competitive committee studied and selected applications from all over the world. As a result of the selection, the status of the “participant in the contest” was received by those scientists whose studies were recognized as innovative and made a significant contribution to world scientific research.

In the second stage, on the one hand, open online voting was conducted for the contestants, which allowed to assess the degree of support for the research among the general population. On the other hand, to ensure the high professional level of the competition, the Expert Council conducted its evaluation of each of the contestants.

Thus, according to the results of online voting and the decision of the Expert Council of the IARC (Chicago) – Professor Vakhif Mammadovich Rahmanov won the International Competition “Scientist of 2016”.