Autism and autistic circle disorders, delayed psychomotor and psycho-speech development

Autism and autistic circle disorder, delayed psychomotor and psycho-speech development

Today, despite the many and many years of scientific research carried out in all countries of the world, the problem of medical and social rehabilitation of patients with autism and paraautical (autistic circle) disorders remains unresolved.
The problem of autism and the autistic circle of disorders, including the delay of psychomotor (ZPM) and psycho-speech (ZPR) development and the provision of adequate care to them, is one of the most urgent in the field of psychiatry. This is due to their high frequency of development, with associated personal, behavioral, communicative, psychosomatic disorders, certain difficulties in timely diagnosis and the lack of a detailed system of medical and psychosocial care.

According to different authors, childhood autism occurs from 2-4 to 6-10 cases per 10000 population. 2/3 children with early childhood autism are diagnosed with mental retardation (L.Eisenberd, L.Kanner, 1966). At the same time, 1 out of 10 children with mental retardation suffers from autism (M. Rieser, 1996). In cases of association of autism with mental retardation, this figure can increase to 20 cases per 10,000 population (YV Popov, VD Vid, 2002).

If earlier 1 child with autism was born for 10,000 children, according to the latest data, one or two children with an autologous predisposition and a delay in psychomotor (ZPM) and psycho-speech (ZPR) development are born for 100-150 children.
It should be noted that the process of normal fetal development depends not only in pre- and post-natal periods, but also before conception when the mother or father took any medications, were exposed to chemical, radiation, and other harmful effects, in tons .h. and psycho-traumas. The same effect is exerted by the use by parents of alcohol, psychotropic drugs, and substances, in particular, with a subsequent teratogenic and embryocidal effect.

In our practice, up to 2% of sick children, the causes of autism and autistic disorders (delays in psychomotor and psycho-speech development, etc.) can be related to the reception by mothers before and during pregnancy of drugs and environmental factors, with their negative embryo, teratogenic, embryo- and photo by toxic actions.
At present, there is no single algorithm for providing medical, social and psychological assistance to these patients, including their families.